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Mike Schwed, owner of Genie Canvas, shared with Canopy Gallery exciting news about his innovative canvases and how this new technology supports artists. He can be directly reached at with questions.

Mike Schwed:

I grew up in the Hudson Valley of upstate NY and graduated from the State University of NY at Binghamton with a degree in Physics. After school, I lived in NYC, then Aspen and Nantucket with a wide variety of occupations – Bike messenger, movie crew and accounting, before settling down to jewelry making with my wife, Kim. Perhaps all this moving around motivated me to solve problems for people who move and ship things from place to place! I am now settled back in upstate NY, which, thankfully feels like home.

Please tell us about your training and how you transitioned to professional work.

I’ve always been mechanically inclined. I learned to work on cars with my father, did construction during summers in high school and college and worked for several years with a cabinet and furniture maker. I also joined my wife in her jewelry-making business on Nantucket for more than 10 years. Nice to finally put my Physics degree to some use!

Where do you derive your inspiration from?

I’ve watched my sister, Patty Baker, develop her online Art career over the years, starting out on Ebay back in the 90’s. I watched the excitement of bidding wars and all the ways selling art online is rewarding and, at times, thrilling. But I was also able to see the not so thrilling aspect of shipping artwork. The larger her piece, the more headaches in packaging, expense and risk of damage. When I reached a point in my life that I had time to find a way to help, I started working on what has become Genie Canvas.

What can you tell us about the ideas behind your work?

My sister told me that if I could find out how to ship large artwork safely and affordably, I’d make a LOT of people happy. My first few trials were very complicated affairs. They worked, but were not simple enough for the everyday person to use comfortably. As I moved through various prototypes, the framing got simpler and simpler – to the point that children can now put it together reliably. Over time, I’ve also discovered improvements to packaging. Canvases are shipped to artists with completely reusable tubes, padding and plastic sleeves, so shipping your finished piece requires no additional packaging. We even include a hanging wire with screws and a drywall hook.

How are your personal traditions alive in your work?

I’m a very pragmatic person. I don’t like unnecessary small talk. I’m trying to solve a problem, not sell something that people don’t need or want. I understand that if my product isn’t working for artists, it’s not working for me.

In what ways has your work been innovative and pioneering?

My patent-pending collapsible canvas helps artists sell to a much broader market. I believe the art market will change for the better as more patrons are introduced to art from greater distances without the fear and expense of moving pieces great distances.

What’s coming up for your company and how do you see your work evolving?

Genie Canvas was started with a shoestring budget, but has grown slowly and steadily over the past 3 years. I have been transitioning into prints and larger sizes (up to 8×9 feet). As more and more know it is available, more issues with transporting artwork come to light.

How do you see the art market and the art world changing?

I am hopeful that Genie Canvas can open up new markets for artists. It allows those who only sell locally to ship globally, as well as freeing many who limit their sizes due to shipping to paint larger. I am hopeful that fewer artists will lose sales due to shipping costs and re-stretching fees. A truly open international Art market benefits all.



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I phones cases

Tom Kwai Lam of #SantaCruz #California is an Artist and Photographer


P H O T O G R A P H Y & V I D E O G R A P H Y
Tom Kwai Lam

Tom writes, “Let me bring my 30 years experience in celebrating and capturing the moment and the spirit to your portrait, hand fasting or other ceremony, or any other kind of intimate photos you want. I’m fast, fun, flexible, and good. Clients have told me I bring a calming influence to their ceremonies.

I use high end digital still equipment, portable studio lighting when
merited, a laptop and mobile printer, etc. My work has been exhibited in a variety of locations in the greater bay area, is published regularly by RFD, and has also appeared in The Advocate and other publications. The kind of video camera I use has produced
documentaries for PBS.

Check me out at
831-818-2528. Based in Santa Cruz, but love to travel.

Mike Benda #Design Creates Great Packaging and More

mikebendadesign_portfolio-17Mike Benda Design

He writes, “I have over 14 years of on-the-job print experience from concept to design to production to press check, providing a full-range of design and production services.

I am…
Well organized, professional, conscientious and adaptable; focused on giving you outstanding service, expertise and results.
Proficient in effective, professional communication with clients and contractors.
Fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat and most other applications.
Well organized. Professional. Conscientious. Adaptable.

Some of my clients are in San Francisco and the time difference has been no problem.

I’m also working as part of a co-operative of American creative professionals offering Business Services in American English. The group or “company” name is Archer TC and our website is

Mike Benda

Nikos Diaman of #SanFrancisco #California Offers Limited Edition Photographic Prints

Nikos Diaman Limited Editions Photographs

Nikos Diaman of San Francisco writes:

“My subjects include landscapes, architectural details, vegetables displayed at a farmers market, flowers either growing in nature or part of a still life arrangement, as well as personal interchanges between people in public. I find beauty within both sparse simplicity and lush elegance and am especially drawn to vivid colors. Above all I strive to present a fresh artistic vision.

In a society that too often values material goods above human welfare, art is frequently considered a luxury limited to the wealthy few and gauged by its ability to command stratospheric prices. I reject this narrow proposition and affirm the necessity and importance of beauty in the lives of all people.

I want my work to remain affordable. I am committed to quality, utilizing the best available paper and inks. Each image is offered in a unique edition and will not be reissued in a different print size or incorporated into an auxiliary product.

My work is currently available on textured watercolor paper in three sizes. The smallest inkjet prints are 12 x 16 and the largest 24 x 36. The edition sizes range from 100 to 30 and the individual images are priced from $125 to $450. I am willing to negotiate flexible payment terms with prospective buyers.”


STEFENart Located in #Berkeley #California a Must for Mural Art


The man on the ladder, is “The Dutch Boy.” Amazing artistry for home and business is being done by STEFENart. Check out their information below:

Business Name: STEFENart
Type of Business: Art and painting (Murals, canvases, decorative painting)
City: Berkeley, willing to travel

Contact Information: (510) 548-9845 / 501-5330 cell
Look/See:, Email:

Murals: Public/private, interior/exterior, photo-realistic, visionary, painterly, decorative, spot murals, fresco. Since 1974
Canvases: Landscapes, visionary, trompe-l’oeil, abstracts, portraiture, pet portraits, posters, illustrations, labels, backdrops, stage sets, signs, etc. Since 1968
Design: Consulting – Colors
Interiors: Specialty & decorative painting – faux-finishes, detailing, borders, crests, you name it.
Realty: House Staging, picture hanging, arranging

A Christmas Eve Storm – The Story Behind the Image

Cool, very dreamy, such a pretty blue glow!

Healing and Art by Dr. Andrew Lesko

There are pockets of magic.  You know it when you step inside the circle: the lighting changes, there is frisson in the air, the contrast is profound from where you were seconds ago. That was my recent experience entering Dr. Lesko’s chiropractic clinic on Valencia Street in San Francisco. Wall-to-wall paintings and sculptures litter the space, and this alone makes it worth stopping in and saying hello. I watched Dr. Lesko quickly adjust three people while I finished my paperwork. His clients were quickly led to tables where massage therapists began to work on them. When I sat in front of Dr. Lesko, he briefly ran his hand down my spine, accurately and intuitively knowing what needed adjustment. He has entered the realm of master, those people who by virtue of thousands of hours of practice, cease to think through their actions, they simply are in the flow. His rates are compassionate. There was live guitar music by a client, who Dr. Lesko joined with, playing on the mandolin. A bit like Tony Randall’s The Seven Faces of Dr. Lao, this is a transformative experience and wholly unique. “Everything in it is a wonder.”

Healing Photo Art

I had the opportunity recently to work with the wonderful Elaine Poggi, Founder of Healing Photo Art, a Foundation that places photographic art in hospitals.

“Through viewing these pictures, a new window to life is opened for our patients, which gives them greater appreciation for the beauty and variety found in nature and the world. Thank you for assisting us in caring for the needs of the entire patient – mind, body, and spirit.”
-Kikuyu Hospital, Kenya, Africa


Since 2002, Elaine’s Foundation has placed more than 4200 pieces of art in 250 facilities on six continents! The artists donate their images digitally and Elaine handles reproduction and shipping in an incredibly well organized and simple process.  Healing Photo Art will give as a gift five framed photographs or ten unframed prints to any needy hospital in the world! People contact Elaine to offer donations and also to honor a friend or relative in memorial.

Very grateful to have my photograph, ‘Whisper,’ chosen to be added to this collection of art. Elaine promises to let me know when and where the artwork is displayed, I am happy anticipating making a difference in someone’s life.

Art Prints

JNS Creative Vision




Janis N. Senungetuk recently spoke with me regarding how I might increase sales for my art. “Who are you creating your art for, who is your customer?,” she asked.  What a great question. The short answer is, I am creating art for myself and hoping others like it. My actual buyers have predominantly been friends (God Bless Them).

However, there is a market that I am interested in reaching, a very specific client that I hope to empower. People who identify as LGBT, and even more specifically, those in recovery. It is a direction I have been going in for some while now and has led me to create CELEBRIETY a men’s group on Meetup.

“CELEBRIETY is a community of men who are passionate about celebrating life and honoring one another. We are gay, bi and trans guys. We have survived toxic shame, identity crises and possibly addiction. We are now claiming our authentic selves, our gifts, our humanity, our brotherhood, our friendship and that we deserve the best that life has to offer. We stand in solidarity, kick up our heels in joy and combine our gifts and talents to heal and empower ourselves and the world.”


In the next weeks, I will be tailoring my work to to achieve that goal, so stay tuned. I deeply appreciate Janis’ viewpoint and her suggestions, she even shared with me a personal client and recommended I contact her. Janis truly cares about artists and proves an excellent guide and coach, her company is JNS Creative Vision.

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